The iDream Difference

Here at iDream, attention to detail is an understatement. Highlighting the Precision, Detail and Design the way it was intended to be appreciated during its inception, is key to maintaining your brand and quality representation. As we have poured our hearts into our business, we are passionate about spotlighting and illustrating the same integrity in your products to your customers.



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$400/night Sun – Thu
$550/night Fri – Sat

$250/night Sun – Thu
$325/night Fri – Sat




“His attention to detail is one of a kind.”

“Micah has photographed for us for over 3 years. His attention to detail is one of a kind. The content he produces highlights exactly the quality of detail we strive to achieve as a company.”

— Scott T.

“Micah’s work ethic and attitude is one of a kind.”

“Micah’s work ethic and attitude is one of a kind. His kindness towards people has been something of an example from the first we met. Micah is beyond a stand up individual and such an asset to our company. The world needs his values.”

— Bart

“His attitude and quality of work sets him far apart…”

“Each and every day we work with Micah is absolutely an inspiration. His work ethic is something we have encouraged our other employees to strive for. His attitude and quality of work sets him far apart from other photographers and videographers we’ve worked with. We receive compliments not only on his outstanding work, but his character that shows through every day.”

— J.Y.



Spend quality away time with family.

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