Your First Day

I remember hearing a quote… “Your very first day of actually being you is when you have the self-awareness and bravery to completely and permanently ignore all of the voices around you”. Very hard…I know!

We live in a society that dictates who we are - through every step we take. Social Media convinces us how to feel, what to wear, who to be and even what angles we need to nail for selfies. We attend schools that diminish the uniqueness and individuality of human beings, bottle necking them into “cookie cutter” drones that are unable to create their own thought process.

There is something drastically wrong, and the funny thing is, everyone knows it. Everyone knows that staring at your phone, subconsciously comparing yourself to the “influencers” you follow, is horrible for your mental health…but we still do it. Everyone sees the veil of bureaucracy where they work, that keeps the “system” in place, but extinguishes the creativity and change needed for healthy growth - “but hey it’s a paycheque”. Everyone witnesses the trends in social media, news, and in society in general, they all complain and give their rants about the unjust and immoral acts; but after a few days go by…things go back to normal and they continue walking through their Supreme life, wearing their fancy handbags and Yeezy’s. This is our culture.

Imagine if you completely ignored everyone. No opinions of what you should wear, what job you should strive for, what debt you need to incur for “others to think you are doing well” or valuable. Imagine removing the expectations of classifying yourself through a University or College, setting your life up with an anchor of debt, for the sake of a piece of paper that hangs on your wall. What if you stopped listening to the voices from all of the other broken people in the world that are trying to project their self doubt, missed oppertunities and regrets onto you. What if you just did YOU.

There is something beautiful that is handcrafted in you that no one else has…that’s why you exist. What are your passions? What are your goals? What is it that makes you restless at 2am because you simply HAVE to accomplish it in life. Whatever happened to people being dreamers, and dreaming of bigger things than simply driving a beamer. Why has that dream become “proving your value”…and to who?

Lastly…what limitations are holding you from it? Is it the judgement of others? Is it the fear of failure because of those voices in the back of your head.

You were made for more. You were chosen to be YOU at this very specific moment in history for a reason. You have reason. You have purpose. Don’t waste it! Time is ticking. Make today “Your First Day!”