"International Photographers Award of Excellence"
The New York Institute of Photography

"Independent Canadian Photographer Award - Fine Art"
The Art Institute of Canada

"Singer/Songwriter of the Year Scholarship"
Haydain Neale Organization


Born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida and now residing with my beautiful wife and sons in Ontario, Canada; I have been blessed with the opportunity to not only experience two very different cultures, but also to diversify myself in creativity.

All my life I have been passionate about all things beautiful.  Moments will come and go every day, and the world will continue to spin, IF you pass them by.  Being able to appreciate and capture these breathtaking moments, as well as be immersed and involved in them is an absolute privilege.

I have been blessed in my life, with the opportunity to create for a living.  To capture a moment and bring it to the attention of even one person, who otherwise may have missed it, continues to inspire me every day.

I have experienced my share of hurdles in life and have been told many times along my path what I can't do and what I won't succeed at.  Each of these moments...they were beautiful!  Without storms, trees don't grow strong.  Without rain, rainbows don't exist.

Life is a blessing and to be able to express myself through art is a humbling opportunity. 

-Micah Brenner

"Singer/Songwriter of the Year"
The Songwriters Association of Canada

"Digital Media & Distribution Artist of the Year" 
R.D.R Music Group

"International Artist & Director Award - Song Of The Year"
Paramount Music Group of Nashville

Living with Purpose.
Breathing with Reason.